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    2. Game Day- Senators Return to CTC for Home Opener

      SensChirp October 18, 2022

      This isn’t exactly the start the Ottawa Senators were hoping for this season. With excitement and optimism at an all-time high heading into the new year, the Sens have dropped the first two games.

      Anderson Steals the Show on Opening Night

      SensChirp October 14, 2022

      FIVE QUICK THOUGHTS -From the moment the Buffalo Sabres announced Craig Anderson would get the start in the season opener, it was pretty easy to imagine a result like this one. The Ottawa Senators

      Game Day- Senators Begin Regular Season in Buffalo

      SensChirp October 13, 2022

      The road here has been a bumpy one. Rebuilds are never easy but this one was spectacularly difficult. For a variety of reasons really. Some of it was the fault of the organization and

      Brassard Signs One-year Deal

      SensChirp October 10, 2022

      From the first time Derick Brassard spoke to the media here in Ottawa, you could tell he had high expectations coming into Training mp. While some players in his situation might take a more

      Game Day- Preseason Ends in New Brunswick

      SensChirp October 8, 2022

      With all due respect to the good people of Bouctouche, New Brunswick, I could do without another preseason hockey game. And yet here we are. The Ottawa Senators mercifully wrap up their preseason schedule

      m Talbot Out 5 to 7 Weeks

      SensChirp October 3, 2022

      There was only one real goal for the preseason. Work on systems? Nah. An audition for certain spots in the lineup? Not really. Get into shape before the regular season? Pff I’m in the

      Game Day- Senators Host nadiens at CTC

      SensChirp October 1, 2022

      October is upon us and in 12 short days, the Ottawa Senators will begin the regular season against the Buffalo Sabres. With the start of a new year just around the corner and with

      Key Decisions Loom for Senators

      SensChirp September 29, 2022

      With Training mp now entering a second week and some pivotal decisions only days away, the intensity is about to get turned up a notch or two. The Ottawa Senators have four games left

      Monday News and Notes

      SensChirp September 26, 2022

      If we’ve learned one thing about preseason hockey over the years, it’s that it really doesn’t matter. Now that’s not to say it doesn’t serve a purpose. For established NHLers, it’s a good opportunity

      Games Day- Senators Begin Preseason in Toronto

      SensChirp September 24, 2022

      We. Are. Back. Three simple words that perfectly pture what has been a summer for the ages in the Nation’s pital. The Ottawa Senators have been making big moves on multiple fronts this off-season

      Training mp Begins in Ottawa

      SensChirp September 22, 2022

      Training mp is a myth. Okay that’s definitely not true. Today at the nadian Tire Centre in beautiful Kanata, Ontario, the Ottawa Senators will definitely begin something lled Training mp. There will be hockey

      Senators Announce Training mp Roster

      SensChirp September 20, 2022

      It’s show time. Okay maybe not yet but we’re getting dangerously close. Beuse nothing says “start of a new season” quite like the team’s annual golf tournament. Golf tournament, fitness testing and the first